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Fast Track to Flipping Seller-Financed Notes

Welcome to The Brand-New Original NoteBuyer’s Online Academy!

I am thrilled to present this brand new learning platform to you.  I have carefully selected “the best-of-the-best” of my teachings, and have also included some brand new, updated material.   By organizing them on this new platform, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently move through the material. I’m sure you’ll find this to also be a great reference tool if you want to come back later and brush up on specific techniques when you need them.

It doesn’t matter whether you are completely new to note investing or you’re an experienced investor, this new online note training platform is for you. This comprehensive  learning experience will take you through the basics and beyond.  

I’ve personally selected my “Top Ten” Strategies that include:

  • The basics of flipping seller-carryback notes
  • How discounting works and how to use the time value of money to your advantage
  • Advanced strategies that are perfect for building your self-directed IRA quickly and safely
  • How and why to use trusts to hold notes outside of your IRA
  • When you should use a Partial Purchase Agreement and when it’s better to use my exclusive Option Strategy instead
  • My personal Private Lending Program 

Once you learn how to do a simple flip, I’ll show you how to step it up a notch with special strategies that will increase your profits and rates of return.

If you are a landlord, rehabber or wholesaler, I’ll show you how to creatively use notes to close more deals and make more money.

If you already have a basic understanding of discounted notes, you’ll probably want to jump right in with some partial purchases.   I’ll even show you a much better way to accomplish a partial by using my exclusive Option Strategy, which is a fantastic way to build your IRA at a record pace.

Perhaps you’d even like to incorporate some private lending into your note business. Wait until you see my Private Lending Program!   I promise you it’s like no other private lending program you have ever seen.  You’ll be making top dollar profits and you’ll never have to worry about whether the borrower completed the rehab or what is happening with the project.  Borrowers will readily pay more for your loan because ultimately, it is a huge savings of both time and money for them.The bottom line is that, whether you are a novice or a pro, this all new online Academy will provide you with thorough training and unique strategies so that you can easily maximize your real estate profits and start putting lump sums of cash in your pocket, with or without your own cash or credit.

Notes are extremely versatile. There are a multitude of various strategies that you can use to accomplish your financial goals, regardless of your current circumstances.  

Even if you have no cash to get started and you are very short on time as well, you can still put cash in your pocket in 30-60 days by simply flipping a note.

In this introduction, I’ll share some of my favorite strategies for making lump sums of money, creating a monthly cash flow and building a future financial legacy in your Self-Directed IRA.

As you progress through these courses, I’m sure some of my favorite strategies will become your favorites, too!

The fastest, easiest, safest way to make quick cash in real estate is to flip a seller-carryback note.  In the first lesson, I’ll provide an overview of how the transaction works with my Sam and Bill example.

In this foundational teaching,  I’ll show you two methods that allow you to legally flip the note without using any of your own cash. 

Then I will walk you through the entire process, starting with where to find the seller-carryback notes, how to evaluate the note and prepare an offer, and how to talk with the note seller and get the note under contract.   Once the note is under contract, I’ll teach you the entire due diligence process where you verify the validity of the documents and pay history, order the title work and a drive-by appraisal, and a credit report on the payor, if necessary.  If everything checks out, I’ll show you how to coordinate the closing with an attorney or title company.The only thing I leave to you  is to decide how to spend your profits!   

In this comprehensive course, you’ll  the entire process of flipping seller-carryback notes for quick cash, including:

  • How the discounting process works
  • Where to find seller-carrybacks
  • How to market to for note sellers
  • How to gather information and negotiate with the note seller
  • How to get the property under contract 
  • How to evaluate the note for optimum safety
  • How to complete your due diligence to confirm the facts about the note, the property, the borrower and your yield-to-maturity
  • How to legally flip the note to an investor without having any of your own money invested
  • How to orchestrate the closing with a title company or attorney

Learning how to make money with notes is Easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Send an email with your Note Submission Form
  2. Work with Donna on the underwriting and closing
  3. Split the profit!

Check out this course to learn how to make the most of this exciting coaching opportunity.

In this course, I will teach you exactly what you need to know on the HP10bii Calculator in order to calculate all types of time value of money calculations involving loans and discounted notes.

We will go through a variety of different calculations that you will typically use, such as calculating your rate of return, the balance owed, the purchase price and many others.

I will also share my exclusive 4-Infallible Steps which is a systemized approach to calculating discounted notes which makes the process very simple to understand and even provides a check point that will catch if you make a mistake.

We will also look at a case study so you can see exactly how to apply the 4-Infallible Steps to prepare an offer to purchase a note.

Advanced Strategies

Notes can take your Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA) to the next level, and I'll show you how with the first lesson in this course: My $100,000 Recycle Plan. You'll learn how you can flip seller-financed notes for huge returns over and over again with a single investment.

You'll be surprised at just how much you can do with these strategies!

Notes can be used in all kinds of situations. You've already learned some strategies for using notes inside of your IRA, so now it's time to learn how to use notes outside of your IRA.

To get started, you'll learn how trusts are an especially helpful tool to use with notes in order to keep your note business safe and private.

With the Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching on Seller-Financed Notes, you'll be able to use my investors to close your note deals. But, as you start to deal more notes, you may want to build your own list of investors. In this course, you'll learn several ways to legally, ethically, and effectively attract investors and keep them happy for decades to come with the amazing benefits of notes, such as the high returns, early payoffs, and the safest type of real estate investment you can find.

Partial purchases can help mitigate the risks of high loan-to-values by helping you acquire a note for your minimum required yield while also allowing you to keep your investment-to-value within your tolerance levels. Note sellers are happy because they're receiving money upfront while retaining some residual investment in the mortgage.

In this course, you'll learn about the benefits of the partial purchase strategy and how to execute it perfectly.

The Option Agreement is my proprietary, superior alternative to the partial purchase. Once you see the flexibility and power of these advanced strategy, I’m sure you’ll want to incorporate options into your own note transactions.

This is not your typical Option in real estate. I spent years perfecting this strategy and documentation before sharing it with you. You won’t find anything like this anywhere!

Private lending is one of my favorite note strategies to do when I’m taking a break from flipping notes.

In this course, I’ll walk you through my entire approach to private lending, each step of the process to create these loans, how to complete the documentation, and the pros and cons of making money with private lending.

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The Legacy Courses section features an archive of my training events over the years.

If you’ve attended an in-person NoteBuyer’s Academy, Virtual World Tour, or invested in my manuals in the past, you’ll find them here.

Reminder: If you aren’t marketing for notes, talking with note sellers, and sending leads to me, then you should be spending your learning time in the Course Library!

This Progress Report will help you keep track of how far you’ve gone through each course and what you have left to learn.

Remember: With your Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching, you only have to complete Courses 1-3 in order to start marketing for notes, talking to note sellers, and finding leads!

Once you find a note lead, complete a Note Submission Form (found in the Library of Forms), and email it to quickquotes@thenotebuyer.com.

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The Featured Content in each lesson features the best of my teaching, hand-picked by me from all of my online and in-person teaching events.

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If you’ve mastered the Online Academy and can’t get enough of the Legacy Materials, then Note Masters might be for you.

This is my inner-circle of serious note buyers. These are the people who take my advice to heart, follow my training, and are closing notes, building their IRAs, and prospering as note buyers and investors as a result.

Email info@thenotebuyer.com, and Matthew will set up an interview with you.

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