02. Flipping Seller-Carryback Notes

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The fastest, easiest, safest way to make quick cash in real estate is to flip a seller-carryback note.  In the first lesson, I’ll provide an overview of how the transaction works with my Sam and Bill example.

In this foundational teaching,  I’ll show you two methods that allow you to legally flip the note without using any of your own cash. 

Then I will walk you through the entire process, starting with where to find the seller-carryback notes, how to evaluate the note and prepare an offer, and how to talk with the note seller and get the note under contract.   Once the note is under contract, I’ll teach you the entire due diligence process where you verify the validity of the documents and pay history, order the title work and a drive-by appraisal, and a credit report on the payor, if necessary.  If everything checks out, I’ll show you how to coordinate the closing with an attorney or title company.The only thing I leave to you  is to decide how to spend your profits!   

In this comprehensive course, you’ll  the entire process of flipping seller-carryback notes for quick cash, including:

  • How the discounting process works
  • Where to find seller-carrybacks
  • How to market to for note sellers
  • How to gather information and negotiate with the note seller
  • How to get the property under contract 
  • How to evaluate the note for optimum safety
  • How to complete your due diligence to confirm the facts about the note, the property, the borrower and your yield-to-maturity
  • How to legally flip the note to an investor without having any of your own money invested
  • How to orchestrate the closing with a title company or attorney