The 2021 NoteBuyer’s Academy Virtual World Tour

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The NoteBuyer’s Academy World Tour is a Note Buying Adventure with Donna Bauer as your guide!

Join us virtually in exotic locations around the world to learn the practicalities of buying, selling, flipping, and investing in notes, as Donna shares a variety of note examples and real-life case studies.

You’ll learn how to talk with the note seller, write your offer, negotiate the deal, get the transaction under contract, and more.

The case studies will help you to become familiar with the entire note buying process, including due diligence and closing.

Using our Advanced Strategies, you’ll learn how to double or triple your profit with Donna’s Collateral Assignment Agreement or her proprietary Option Agreement which is a superior alternative to the partial purchase structure.

Whether relaxing on the beach of Acapulco or deep in the Amazon rain forest, you’ll love Donna’s practical advice and detailed instruction that are sure to help you take advantage of the huge opportunities that await you in the note buying arena.