How to Flip a Seller-Carryback Note for Profit

Lesson Introduction


This is a foundational teaching where I walk you through my “Sam and Bill Example,” which I often refer to when teaching about notes. It is the basis for many other note strategies. The Sam and Bill Example shows you the exact structure of flipping a seller-carryback for quick cash.  Refer back to it until it becomes second nature to you. This example clearly shows you how to make quick cash without using any of your own money. It also explains how you can become a passive note investor by starting out as Donna Dealer, flipping seller-carryback notes.

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • The basic structure of a seller-carryback flip
  • That notes have a hidden profit center that you control when negotiating with the note seller
  • How buying at a discount sets the stage for great profits
  • Two ways that you can legally flip seller-carryback notes for quick cash
  • How to start with no money of your own and become a completely passive note investor
  • How you can start without any cash or credit of your own and put $10,000 in your pocket in 30 to 60 days

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